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Suffix A 

2 owner

Fully Restored

Davos White

Featured Cover of Octane

much publicised

65,000 miles



Range Rover Suffix A£65,000

STK 831L is my own one previous owner Range Rover Suffix A built in 1972.  She was a remarkable timewarp when I found her but required a complete strip down and rebuild.  I originally bought STK for some of the hard to find trim pieces to fit to another early Range Rover , but when I looked at this wonderful motor car in detail, I could not bring myself to do anything other than restore her to her resplendant former glory. 

She has become something of a star having been featured in many magazines, including Octane at great length and on the cover,  and GQ magazine where she was tested along side a  modern Vogue SE by the equally attractive Celia Walden.  She was borrowed by Land Rover themselves for the launch of the Evoque at Kensington Palace and has also been seen in great detail in the usual Land Rover magazines with a superb article in Land Rover monthly.

STK was bought new by a Mr WP Wood whilst on his holidays in Dorset.  Whilst Mr. Wood lived just a stones throw from the factory at Solihull he had been unable to get a new Range Rover as they were on 18 months to two year waiting lists.  He had rather given up hope when he pulled into Childs Garage in Sherborne Dorset, fill up his Reliant Scimitar with petrol.  As I understand it Childs was a small local satellite dealer for Land Rover and BMC products and had just taken delivery of the Davos White Range Rover that morning.    Chancing his arm, Mr Woods asked the petrol attendant if the Range Rover sitting in the showroom was for sale, he was told that it was his lucky day as the car was a cancelled order.  Mr Woods bought the car on the spot trading in his Scimitar and continuing his holiday in the Range Rover.

Luckily for me, Mr Woods didnt like selling his cars once he had bought them, and he kept STK after he had stopped using it .  I was able to purchase her from Mr. Woods widow and she was delighted to see me bring her back to life. 

I cut no corners in the restoration and personally rebuilt the engine, which was just in need of honing and new bearings, camshaft, followers etc.  I fitted all new brake parts and suspension and the inner shell was repaired with new sills and rear tailgates and inner front wings.  I have now covered 12,500 miles since my rebuild , mainly here in Kent although she has been to Yorkshire and Shropshire on a couple of occasions.  STK has never let me down and is a pleasure to drive and passenger in.  She makes friends wherever she goes, and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed as much postive comment in any car I have owned. 


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