• 1970

    Masai Red

    Genuine Press Launch Car

    Chassis No. 26

    Many Pre-Production Feature

    Alloy Bonnet

    'Nut and Bolt' Restoration

    Test Drive Mileage Only


Extremely Important early Press launch Range Rover Chassis Number 26.

This is the very first of the Press Cars built for the launch of the Range Rover in 1970.  Chassis number 26 is actually the first ever production Range Rover manufactured, and although retaining many pre production features such as the super rare aluminium bonnet, it is built to production standard. 

Registered on the 27th May 1970 as the first of the 20 Press cars, it is believed therefore to be the first car registered as a Range Rover. The previous 25 were registered as Velars and were used for engineering development.  This is the first Range Rover registered to Land Rover on a Solihull number plate. We have restored 231H over an extended period, taking our time to find the correct parts to rebuild this highly important vehicle to as correct a specification as is possible.     

We believe NXC231H to now be one of the best Range Rover Classics in existence. We were lucky enough to source new front seats, pairing this with the near perfect rear seat is what sets this 231 apart from  other restorations which fail to have the correct interior trim.    

The car has just been the subject of several specialist magazine articles which are being published in July 2014 and has covered road test mileage only. This is a serious collector car and one which can only increase in value as the Range Rover brand continues to grow Globally.   It is proving to be almost impossible to rebuild early Range Rovers to this sort of accuracy as correct parts are now almost impossible to source.    

For Auction at Coys Classic and Sportscar Show, Alexander Palance 29th October 2016