• Superb Condition 

    One of the very last 

    just 33,000 miles


    Just serviced

    Collector quality


I am very proud to once more have this wonderful Bentley Continental T back home in Kent.  I first owned this car when it was only a few years old and with just 22,000 miles.  Now several years later, it is in  the same superb and largely as new condition with only 33,000 miles.   First registered to Bentley Motors Limited on the 7th May , 2002.  I was the third owner after Bentley and acquired it in 2008.  Since my ownership it has had one further keeper, who has kept the car, as have all of its previous owners, in superb garaged conditions.   It has a complete service history, all but one with Bentley Main Dealers, the last with a specialist in Germany.  Just 351 Continental Ts were manufactured since 1997 which makes it only slighlty more plentiful than the R type Continental of which 208 were made and now command £1m  plus.   The Continental T was designed with a nod to the short chassis Racing Bentleys of the 30s and comes with the full theatre of Bentley ownership.  Complete with the Aluminium Turned Dashboard,  and prodigious torque,  from the moment you enter this wonderful car you are subjected to a wholly dramatic experience.  A true tidal wave on wheels.  To ride in a Bentley Continental T is a rare treat, to drive one an automotive memory to  be savoured for life. 

If you are looking to add a Bentley Continental T to your collection, you must inspect this car, as I believe it to be one of the very best available.